I got MMD and I have no idea what I am doing or why the fuck I am doing it.

April 19th 2014   1 ♥   Reblog
Me: So yeah, apparently Dramatical Murder costs almost 70 bucks
Leafy: Why is everybody paying all that for it?!
Me: It's obviously good porn
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I always love doing this progress shit

April 19th 2014   2 ♥   Reblog

I was just screwing around in High School Story and just found this guy in the window and I couldn’t stop laughing for some reason

April 10th 2014   2 ♥   Reblog

When autocorrect replaces “well” with “we’ll”

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Totally going over achiever on the presentation of a project

But absolutely bullshitting the research.

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Me: Hey do any of you know how to sew
Leafy: Depends what. Why?
Leafy: god fucking dammit
April 10th 2014   3 ♥   Reblog

I think my biggest fear is my irl friends finding out how much fanfiction porn I read daily

April 9th 2014   1 ♥   Reblog

Playing with my prismas

April 8th 2014   5 ♥   Reblog

Doing a project on Salem witch trials and putting pretty pictures in the presentations to distract people from my bullshit research.

April 8th 2014   3 ♥   Reblog
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