I was just screwing around in High School Story and just found this guy in the window and I couldn’t stop laughing for some reason

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When autocorrect replaces “well” with “we’ll”

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Totally going over achiever on the presentation of a project

But absolutely bullshitting the research.

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Me: Hey do any of you know how to sew
Leafy: Depends what. Why?
Leafy: god fucking dammit
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I think my biggest fear is my irl friends finding out how much fanfiction porn I read daily

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Playing with my prismas

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Doing a project on Salem witch trials and putting pretty pictures in the presentations to distract people from my bullshit research.

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Look at how creatively I name my high school story characters

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Not a single regret.

Not one.

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Hey guys Echo and I are trying to use dropbox to send files for a series and we don’t have enough space. If you guys sign up we get 500 more MB


Use that link. Even if you can’t or already have it just signal boost because I really just want to make this series. We’ve had endless issues and I’m really sick of it.


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